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The Chelmsford Republican Town Committee had a wonderful evening celebrating the Christmas season. A special thank you to Curtis and Elaine Barton for opening up your home to all of us!

The Chelmsford Republican Town Committee’s 2018 Lincoln Reagan Dinner was a big success! Everyone had a great time celebrating the birthdays of President Lincoln and President Reagan, as well as celebrating being Republicans who love our country! Thank you to our very own Greg DulchinosĀ for taking these wonderful photos.

A special thank you to Geoff Diehl, MA State Rep and candidate for U.S. Senate, for being our keynote speaker – we loved Geoff’s patriotic and energizing speech! We were also thrilled to have Rick Green (candidate for US Congress) and MA Attorney General candidates Jay McMahon and Dan Shores join us to discuss their candidacy.

And last but not least, thank you to Paul Rigazio (President Lincoln) and Brian Latina (President Reagan)!! We greatly appreciate everyone who contributed to the event and to those who attended. See you next year!

Chelmsford Board of Selectmen Chairwoman Pat Wojtas attended the Chelmsford Republican Town Committee’s November meeting to discuss the great work that the Chelmsford Military Community Covenant does for our veterans and their families.

We were proud to present the Military Community Covenant with a donation to support the group and our veterans. The donation represents 100% of the proceeds from our Fourth of July booth.


Thank you to Elaine and Curtis Barton for hosting the CRTC annual Christmas Party. Everyone had a wonderful time!

The Chelmsford Republican Town Committee participated in the annual Chelmsford Fourth of July Parade. We were proud to be a part of the celebration of our country’s freedom and we enjoyed the fantastic response from the crowd!

Scott Gunderson, U.S. Congressional Candidate District 3, attended the CRTC’s May 21st meeting to discuss his candidacy. Please visit his website for more information www.change4mass.com.



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Come out for a night of democracy … and support your candidates!

The Chelmsford Republican Town Committee’s annual Christmas Party was a wonderful evening filled with celebration, laughter, and comradery. A special thank you to Curtis and Elaine Barton for hosting us!

The Chelmsford Republican Town Committee had a great showing in support of Republican candidates Donald Trump, Ann Wofford, and Helen Brady!